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Product Image Best Practices

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Cropping your image tightly around the subject makes it appear on the site as large as possible.  Use this well-cropped wine image as a guide when cropping your own bottleshots. The outline is simply there to show you where the file ends, ie: where you should crop the image.
You can see how much the cropping of an image affects its size. Compare this wine to the other; they began as the same image file, but this one appears much smaller. The outline is there to show you where the file ends, ie: how much negative space needs to be removed.

The PNG with a transparent background is the best image file type to use for your bottle shots.
If your image file is saved as a JPG, it cannot have a transparent background. If your store has a background color, you should upload transparent background PNGs to avoid the white background in the image file.
It is possible to have a transparent background with the GIF file type, but you risk image quality loss.
Although the cropping on this image is good, the image file itself is far too large. The larger the image, the longer it takes to load. (Refresh the page to see how long this image takes to load.)
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